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Tortoises are reputed not to need to drink. This is in fact a myth and most tortoises will happily both drink and bathe given the opportunity.

This page discusses the water requirements of captive Mediterranean tortoises.
It is a common myth that tortoises do not drink, and obtain all of their water from their food. This is incorrect, and given the opportunity, all tortoises will relish the chance to drink. Many tortoises in the wild live near freshwater and at times will both drink and bathe in it.

We believe that water should be on offer to your tortoises all (or at least most) of the time to avoid the risk of dehydration, in an artificially created environment. Water should be provided in a bowl or tray and should be no deeper than is necessary to allow your tortoise to stand in it with its head fully clear of the surface to avoid drowning. If you use a tray or a big enough bowl, your tortoise will often voluntarily bathe in the water provided. Care must be taken to ensure that the water is kept clean. Tortoises will often defacate and especially urinate in water and therefore water in the tortoises' enclosure should be changed at least once a day.

We feel that bathing your tortoise is something which is good for the animals and encourages good hygiene and good hydration of your tortoise. Bathtimes are also the perfect time for a closer look at each tortoise and an inspection to ensure good health. Bathing of your tortoise should not take place in sinks or baths used for humans, due to the risk of cross infection. We prefer to use a large plastic container with a flat bottom. About half an inch of tepid to luke warm water is provided and the tortoises are carefully dried using kitchen towel afterwards (especially important in cooler weather). Our tortoises are bathed for ten minutes a couple of times a week.